Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It’s 2:30 p.m. and we are sitting at the airport in Houston waiting for our flight to Denver. From there it is about a three hour drive home. It seems a little odd to be rejoining the land of the living. I feel like this every time we travel for medical purposes. Most of what we do on those trips revolves around medical issues. It can be hard to remember that the people you call back home (aren’t cell phones great!) have a life that involves jobs, schedules, time limits, etc.

When you’re at the hospital most of the day, time has very little meaning. Although, it seems it should pass much faster than it does.

     I found the above in my blog drafts file. It was written as we were headed home after Bill’s pituitary surgery in August of ‘09. I remember sitting in the airport writing it. I also remember watching a bird that was sitting on a table as we ate lunch at the airport.

     Lately, I’ve been saying that I need a trip. I got used to traveling every few months when everyone was getting a dx & then surgeries.

June ‘07 ---- first trip to LA. J&J saw Dr. Friedman

Dec ‘07 ----- trip to LA for J&J to have IPSS

May ‘08 ----- trip to Houston for J&J to have pituitary surgery with Dr. McCutcheon

June ‘08 ---- trip to LA for Bill to see Dr. F

Dec ‘08 ----- trip to LA for Bill to have IPSS and AVS

May ‘09 ----- trip to Milwaukee for J&J to have BLA with Dr. Chiang

Aug ‘09 ----- trip to Houston for Bill to have pituitary surgery with Dr. McC

June ‘10 ---- trip to Milwaukee for Bill to have BLA with Dr. C

     That is eight trips in three years. Thank goodness J&J were running neck & neck with testing & surgeries and could always do their trips together. There were quite a few day or just overnight trips to Salina or Denver before I got serious & took the kids to Dr. F. No wonder I got used to going places and am starting to feel antsy like I want to go somewhere. It’s been a year with no trips.

     Odd as it may sound, I miss those trips. I don’t miss the reason for those trips.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Thank you to all military men & women, past & present.


Dad’s Navy picture from many years ago. He served during WWII, spending most of his time in the Pacific.

Today is Memorial Day & a good day to honor him & Uncle Arthur for their service. I’m pretty sure that Uncle Arthur wasn’t old enough to serve during WWII.

For many years Dad helped with the ceremonies at the local cemeteries. He’s no longer able to do that.


Dad’s youngest brother, Arthur. He was a career man.


Dad (on left) with a buddy.





These two photos were with Dad’s few military photos. He never said where they were taken.