Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jess is gone to church camp this week. Life seems strange with her gone & no way to communicate with her. No phones at camp, which makes sense to me. I need to tell her friends to send me random texts now & then during the day like Jess does.
At this time last year she was constantly throwing up after having her adrenal glands removed. I'm sure I thought I'd never be comfortable letting her be on her own, so to speak, and in charge of her own meds. There is a nurse that dispenses all medication but it's up to Jess to know if she needs to take any extra hydro. She usually does anyway but I'm around & there are those times that I think she needs more. Moods tell a lot. ☺
She will get home on Saturday & then leave with Ardath (my boss) to go with her to bring her grandchildren back for a week. I think they'll be back sometime late Monday.
My neighbor called me today & wants to have a DCD chocolate tasting party. First time I've ever had someone approach me. I'd invited her to my launch party & she wasn't able to make it. She's called me a time or two to ask questions. So I guess it shouldn't surprise me too much.
I also have a possible new recruit. Pretty sure she'll sign up but will wait & see. If she does she'll be my second recruit. Yea me. I don't do a hard sell, both have approached me.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My family is now Cushing's free. Seems weird to be at the end. Pretty anti climactic. Bill had surgery with the same surgeon that J&J used last year. When he came out of the OR to talk to me, he said "you are now the only one in yor family with adrenal glands." I hadn't really thought of it in that way before.
It seems we fought so hard to get to the end of the Cushing's journey, I now feel a bit lost. I think I'm ready to become just myself again. I'm pretty sure I'll be doing that all by myself. I'm not sure if it's been Cushing's or something else that has been so present in our marriage for about the last 20 years. But whatever.... If he says it's over, well, that's fine by me. This time if he doesn't mean it (like all those other times) I do. Not sure of a timeline but I can only take so much.
People ask me how he's doing after surgery. I give the standard "oh, pretty good, I think. It'll take awhile to know." The truth is I have no idea.
But on a brighter note - I started doing something just for me. About the end of March I discovered Dove Chocolate Discoveries. It took just a couple of days to decide I was going to become a chocolatier. I love it. I give chocolate tasting parties at people's homes. It's really a lot of fun. So much different than any other type of party I'd been to. I've done fairly well with it. I haven't done much this month. I was gone the first two weeks of the month for Bill's surgery & only had one other party scheduled for June. I had been hesitant to book many parties until I knew how recovery was going to go.
I've met several goals in my first months & have earned extra commisions & several great gifts. I'm ready to get the ball rolling again. I did a tasting party this past Saturday & found I had missed doing them.