Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I had a strange & scary dream right before waking this morning.

I was driving out by my dad’s place & I think I was actually trying to get to his place. But you know, dreams are strange in that sometimes you aren’t quite sure what’s going on. I’m driving south on what we call the “west road” because it’s the road west of Dad’s house. Simple. Anyway, I’m getting closer to the turn for the farm but am having a hard time seeing it because my windshield is covered with something. I can only see out of a small section clear up in the left corner of the windshield. Somehow I could make myself sit high enough and crane my neck to the side and see through that one tiny spot. I’d been driving for several miles like this.

Even though I could barely see the road it seems like I was going a normal speed for a dirt road. I’m pretty sure Bill was in the passenger’s seat. Somehow I missed the turn to Dad’s and had to go another quarter of a mile before I could turn around. As soon as I turned around and made it back to Dad’s road and turned towards his house I woke up.

It doesn’t seem that scary as I write this but since dreams have a way of making things seems very real, it was a scary dream. When I woke up  I laid with my eyes closed for awhile thinking about it.

If I was into interpreting dreams I would say that I was in the driver’s seat & didn’t have a clue what I was doing because I couldn’t see where I was going. And it was darn scary. Sort of sounds like the last few years. And it’s ongoing. I really hate how dreams can seem so real.

Bill called me this morning and told me that he did take some hydro, just 10 mg. Said he was starting to feel kind of weird.

Tonight we went out to eat. It took a long time and towards the end Bill was getting sort of antsy and snappy. We got home and he was perfectly fine. Wonder about that.


Anonymous said...

That does sound scary, Jude! I think you are right about the meaning, too. Although you may feel you don't know what to do, you are obviously doing all the right things! You now have two healthy kids and a husband who is well on his way!

jennyr said...

Dreams do have a habit of bringing to the surface all our fears and stresses, and I know what you mean about dreams being scary, even if they don't seem so with retelling. My interpretation theory (shoot me down if I'm wrong, and I probably am), is that this is a real over-whelming responsibility dream..you're trying to get to your Dad, could this be trying to go back to a time when your Dad took care of things..when you were a kid..but you can't go back,you're in the drivers seat, and the drive is frustating and you have to keep going back over the same road. And heaven knows, you've had to travel this road 3 times now, and maybe you're afraid the journey still isn't over?
Well, that enough amateur psychology from me.. take care Judy, I hope you can get some peace soon, you are truly amazing.