Saturday, January 26, 2008

The downfall

The summer before Justin was a junior in high school he bought a mowing business from a friend. He'd mowed lawns for a couple of summers. But this summer he was in charge. It would be a big change.
Probably the biggest change was having to set his work hours and make sure the lawns got mowed in a timely manner. I learned that summer that many people prefer their lawn mowed once a week at exactly the same time. This was news to me as our mowing had always been a bit haphazard.
Justin was never an easy child to get out of bed but the summer of 2005 it seemed he wanted to sleep the day away, and many days he did. He quite often was just getting around to his mowing when I was getting home from work in the late afternoon.
He seemed impossible to get along with and was very often angry upon waking. I was feeling the stress of him not living up to his obligations as he should.
The mowing always got done, but quite often late. By late evening his mood seemed to be pretty normal. Justin never was much of a talker, usually on the quiet side.

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