Monday, January 11, 2010


Jess & I went to Phillipsburg yesterday for Myrna’s birthday. Sam & Shannon, Sue & Dad also went over. We got there in time to go to church with her & John. Kimmy & her family were there too. We went to Pizza Hut after church and ate from the buffet. Dad doesn’t really like pizza but there were enough things on the buffet that he liked. Although, maybe he likes pizza now, his tastes have changed with his age.

When we left P-burg we went to Hays and did a little shopping. I found a couple of sweaters for a good price. It’s time to update my wardrobe some. And my hair. I’ve let myself go for way too long. I think I may be about ready to start paying attention again. So, now it’s time for me to get my hair cut. I’m so sick of it. It’s too long and it’s so straight and won’t take a curl. I’m just sick of it. But I have to find a style that will keep my ears covered, very important in the middle of winter. Yesterday in Hays I was half tempted to walk into the the salon in the Mall and get it cut. But both gals were busy so I let it go.

Last night I sorted through a couple of small boxes of things I’ve saved over the years. I had forgotten that there were some letters from Mom. Not many but they were interesting. Just general chit chat about what was going on at home. They were fun to read. There were also letters from Dad. Several of them were the stories that I have typed, printed and put in notebooks for the family. I’ve also been slowly (very) putting them in a blog. The letters (that were not the stories) were so good to read. They reminded me of who Dad was. Most of the time he seems like a different person now. His mind is not as clear as it used to be and he’s just tired. I love him a lot but I do miss the man he used to be.

In the box I also found a poem I’d cut out of a paper years ago. I can tell I used to have it on a bulletin board. I still like the poem.


I cried

because things are so unfair,

because of the misunderstandings among people,

because sadness overcame my joy.

I cried

because I lost someone I loved,

because I couldn’t stand the hurt anymore,

because I wasn’t the person I wanted to be.

I cried

because some people have nothing,

because some people couldn’t reach out,

because the goodness of some very

special people touched my heart and soul.

--Linda Patterson


Janet, said...

We all need a change every now and then. I understand about the hair, I've let mine grow this winter, I don't have to curl it, it has a natural wave when it gets long. I like the poem.

Joy said...

Judy, stopping by to say hi and that I have you bookmarked. Will be reading your story as time allows and I'm so glad that you got in touch with me.