Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tomorrow my oldest sister (and the oldest sibling), Myrna, turns 60. Hard to believe. I think my definition of old changes yearly because obviously my generation isn’t old. My youngest sibling, my brother, Bob, turns 47 in a little over a week.

Speaking of Bob, Florida, where he moved his family this summer, is cold this week. He called today, said he kind of feels like he’s back here but without the wind. Their house has no heater so his wife bought some space heaters. Bet there was a big run on those! Besides being cold they had freezing drizzle today. He did call me on Christmas Eve. I missed the call. His message said something to the affect of not answering the phone because I didn’t want to hear in person that it was 85°. Not very nice of him when we had freezing temps!

Something different is going on with Bill. I can’t figure out if his cortisol is high or low. He says he hasn’t hurt for several days. He said he hasn’t even taken any pain pills, which is a real biggie for him. But he has been sleeping more, a lot more. I wonder if he’s able to sleep so well because there is no pain to wake him up. I’m sure he’s enjoying being pain free but he said he feels like he’s wasting so much time because he sleeps so much.

Jess was gone for a few days for a basketball tournament in Hays. She said the coach never left her in the game long. I think she (coach) was nervous about something happening to her. I suppose with time the coach will get used to it and figure out that the odds of her collapsing on the court aren’t all that great.

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