Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jess is gone to church camp this week. Life seems strange with her gone & no way to communicate with her. No phones at camp, which makes sense to me. I need to tell her friends to send me random texts now & then during the day like Jess does.
At this time last year she was constantly throwing up after having her adrenal glands removed. I'm sure I thought I'd never be comfortable letting her be on her own, so to speak, and in charge of her own meds. There is a nurse that dispenses all medication but it's up to Jess to know if she needs to take any extra hydro. She usually does anyway but I'm around & there are those times that I think she needs more. Moods tell a lot. ☺
She will get home on Saturday & then leave with Ardath (my boss) to go with her to bring her grandchildren back for a week. I think they'll be back sometime late Monday.
My neighbor called me today & wants to have a DCD chocolate tasting party. First time I've ever had someone approach me. I'd invited her to my launch party & she wasn't able to make it. She's called me a time or two to ask questions. So I guess it shouldn't surprise me too much.
I also have a possible new recruit. Pretty sure she'll sign up but will wait & see. If she does she'll be my second recruit. Yea me. I don't do a hard sell, both have approached me.

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Jessica said...

First, it's about time that you blogged. Second, I can't remember the second part. Oh yeah, we could have phones, but mine was dead. Third, you sounded like London Tipton from Zack & Cody.