Tuesday, April 3, 2012

     Hindsight really is 20/20. Looking back there were so many signs of the kids, especially Justin, having Cushing’s when they were very young. But I had no idea I should be paying attention to what seemed like such small details.

     When Justin was very small he really didn’t like to be held very much. Even to be fed he preferred that I lay him down and hold the bottle to his mouth. Not always but quite a bit of the time. I remember thinking that it should of hurt my feelings that he didn’t want me to hold him but it didn’t. He liked being around me but wasn’t always crazy about being held. I now wonder if it irritated his skin in some way. He also had GI troubles from a young age (which disappeared with his Cushing’s a few years ago) and it may of been uncomfortable sometimes to be held. I’ll never know for sure.

    Then one day when Justin was just learning to walk, so he was around nine or ten months old, he came over to where I was sitting and started to crawl into my lap. I later felt bad that instead of immediately picking him up, I just stared at him. He never asked to be picked up it really surprised me.

   Jess & Justin both went through spells of what I thought were pretty strange eating habits when they were just toddlers or younger. There would be periods of barely eating anything for many meals then it would seem like they could eat anything I would let them for several days. Neither of these phases would last all that long but they were something I noticed and wondered about. Knowing what I know now, I’m pretty sure they were already having Cushing’s cycles.

   Both also had odd growth spurts. I knew their growth spurts weren’t like my nieces’ or nephew’s had been but still it didn’t seem that odd. J&J both had a tendency to grow out and stay there for awhile. Then after a few months or so they’d grow up to match. Did that make sense? It was a little like, chubby, thin, chubby, thin, etc. Actually, their chubby wasn’t that chubby. Both were skinny little things until Cushing’s got its hooks in them.

    Justin was about 10 or so when he suddenly gained a lot of weight. And I do mean a lot. It was rather disturbing because nothing seemed to have changed with him except his weight. Well, that and he always seemed to have a red face. He also seemed to have GI issues which had led me to believe that he probably had Crohn’s like me. When I talked to my GI about him it was suggested that I bring him down and for scopes. Nothing showed. But when he got rid of Cushing’s he also got rid of his GI issues.

    I do know if I ever have natural grandchildren I will keep an eye on them and at about the second sign of Cushing’s I’d have them to a doctor. I’m hoping for no natural grandchildren. Adopted would be fine with me.

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