Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My kids seem to be doing so well after their BLAs (bilateral adrenalectomy) two years ago. I know I'd read at one time that it can take up to two years or longer to start really getting back to normal. For some reason I thought that only pertained to the physical aspects.

I've watched them improve little by little over the past two years and had thought they'd topped out, so to speak. I was okay with where Jess was. She seems to have energy and her thought processes seem pretty good. Hope that holds true when she starts college in the Fall.

Until a month or so ago Justin seemed pretty good but not really where I hoped he'd be. Then I started to see subtle changes, I can't even quite put my finger on it but he seemed to be changing a little at a time.

Saturday night he came to Jess's graduation reception. He came on time and stayed till the end & helped clean up. He ate, he talked, he laughed, he seemed, well he seemed like the Justin I hadn't seen in many years. Did my heart good!

He has missed so many gatherings in the last seven years (has it really been that long!) or so. If he did attend he didn't really participate, he was just there.

This almost seems to good to be true. This morning I started thinking - what if it was all an act & he really didn't feel that good. Then I realized that he's never before been able to act like he felt that good. So, whichever it was/is, it's an improvement. His eyes looked happy.

So, maybe Cushing's won't win over these two.

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