Friday, September 26, 2008

Jess & I had a good day today. We did the NW Kansas Quilt Shop Hop. This is the fourth year for the Shop Hop. Before, we've always gone with a group but it didn't work out that way this year. Previous years we've also done it all in one day. A lot of miles, a lot of fabric and a lot of laughs. We still have to hit the two quilt shops here in town tomorrow.

Jess got fabric for a quilt. It'll be pretty neat when she gets done. She's getting as bad as me - several tops finished and several in the works but no completed quilt yet!

After last years Hop I came home and made up the quilt from the blocks bought from each store on the Hop. Each year the stores pick a line of fabric and each store designs their own block. Every store then makes up the blocks from all the stores and designs their own quilt. It's really pretty cool. So I have last years top all put together and hanging in the sewing room. I was determined to have it ready by last Christmas but got sidetracked with IPSSs and such. So it's still hanging and waiting.

We saw Bill in Hays. He's been staying there for a couple three weeks now and just home for a day or so while waiting for the rig to move to a new location. Right now the rig is about 2 1/2 hrs. from home so it makes sense to stay down there. We went to Long John Silvers to eat. Hadn't been to one in a long time. It was nice to actually eat a meal together. But I felt like I was keeping him from sleep. But his sleep is pretty sporadic anyway. He went back to bed after we left for home. But when I talked to him a little bit ago he said he didn't really get back to sleep until about 8 and I was calling to wake him up around 9. Poor guy.

Jess had a swim party when we got home. And right now is at a "Fifth Quarter" (party after the football game) with a friend who was at the swim party. It's sponsored by one of the local churches

Tomorrow she has soccer and we have to hit the two local quilt shops. Then we're taking Dad out to supper instead of lunch. Sunday we have Girl Scouts Court of Awards - good snacks there! And then a meeting for all HS and Jr High kids and parents at our church. We have a new youth pastor, haven't had one for several years now, and he'd like to meet with everyone.

Starting next Monday, Justin is off work for a week while the store remodeling and parking lot are completed. So my boss is hiring him to repair all the leaks on the roof of the photo shop. Guess I might see more of him next week, or at least hear him walking overhead!

I forgot to mention that we met for lunch with one of my sisters & her family. My neice has a two week old baby, their first and we hadn't got to see Kalinda yet. She's a cutie and will sleep through everything, unlike my kids when they were little.

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