Saturday, September 6, 2008

Yesterday my sister and I were talking about a lady we know that has breast cancer. It was just discovered in a routine mamogram. She had a biopsy earlier this week. Now I don't know much about cancer, so I'm not sure how they know this, but they are fairly confident that they actually got most of it while doing the biopsy. So she will have a lumpectomy and a 1 week treatment of breast Brachytherapy.
I had to look up Brachytherapy as that was the first I'd heard of it. My sister explained the little she knew. Very simplified, It seems (if I interpreted right) that it's an encapsulated radiation treatment, that is implanted exactly where the radiation is needed.
Of course, in my mind everything comes back to Cushing's. I know some people have radiation treatment and then (I think this is right) it can take up to a year to know if the radiation was effective. So I'm wondering if someday in the future that could be considered for treatment of a pit tumor. Would it even be possible to implant something in the pit? Could there be enough radiation in something that small to even take care of a tumor?
Just something I've been thinking about since yesterday. IF it's possible, I wonder how many years it could take to get it implemented.

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