Wednesday, September 3, 2008

There's definitely a bit of fall in the air these days. Early in the morning and late evenings there's just a hint with a bit of a chill. I really like fall, except it preceeds winter. Winter is best if you only have to leave the house if you want to. Maybe it'll be slow in coming!
Jess has been having just a little trouble lately in the mornings. Not feeling very good at all. Not quite sure why, but for now she's going to get a little extra sleep in the mornings and only do papers with me on Fri.-Sun. We'll see if that extra sleep helps.
Last week she had several days where she just didn't feel good. She finally figured out that while she isn't actually having a period she is spotting. Before surgery she would spot and that was it. But now (she realized it had happened last month also) she may only be spotting but she gets cramps with it. Pretty intense I'd say as she seems pretty sick. So next month maybe we'll recognize it and she can start Pamprin/Midol/something early.
Justin still seems about the same as he has for the last few weeks. Which I'm thinking is a little better than he did a month or two ago. I'm wondering if he won't feel at least a little better when all the moving to the new place is done and they're done with deadbeat roommates. I'm sure it's got to be stressful to live with someone that isn't paying their share of the bills, especially when utilities and such are in your name. Justin had paid the deposit on the last apartment and would of gotten the whole deposit back (desperately needed), except one roommate hadn't been paying all his rent so it was deducted from the deposit. I think there's a chance I'll see his mother today and I'm not above asking about it as Justin hasn't been able to reach him be phone for a couple of days and he never told them where he was moving. Levi stil owes some money for utilities and they paid late several times because Levi didn't have his share and no one else had enough to cover for him. I'm hopeful that this move will be a good one.
We have alot of news in our family. Kimmy (my niece) and Cody are expecting their first baby any day now. Actually due date is Sept 5, which is also Bill's and Genial's birthdays. We found out last week that Tanya (my niece) and Chad are expecting their first in March. Last night we found out that Shanda (my niece, Tanya's sister) and Caleb are engaged. He's a nice guy. So big changes for our family gatherings.

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