Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This morning on the news, residents of Sara Palin's (R-VP candidate) hometown were interviewed. Mostly they were asked about their thoughts on her 17 yo unmarried daughter being pregnant. I found one response very amazing.
click on "Town reacts to Palin Pregnancy"

While I don't condone unwed motherhood I don't condem it either. One woman thinks this would fall on the mother's shoulders. I believe that no matter how good a job one does raising their children, mistakes happen. My guess is that this woman a) has no idea what her children do and they luckily never got caught, b) has perfect children or c) has no children. It really stunned me to hear her response, it seems she feels that parents actually control everything their children do.
While I'd like to think that my children are perfect, I know the truth.
We're all human.


Mary said...

Let me add another possibility:
d.)Lost the title of prom queen to Sara Palin.

They live in a very small town. For someone to say that on national TV makes me think there might be some bad blood there!

Just a thought...

judycolby said...

That could be a distinct possibility, or maybe her daughter lost to Sara's daughter. She seemed just a tad smug about it all.

Robin said...

Well, I'm with you, Judy....she doesn't live in the real world. Or the Dems paid her to say it. ;) Ok, ok...I'll be good!!!