Sunday, July 13, 2008

Been very lazy today. Some days I just can't get with it enough to get any work around the house done. I may not be the one with Cushing's but it has definitely had an affect on me. I quite often feel as if I'm slogging through deep water. Probably some anti depressants are in order, again.....but it takes energy to go about getting them. Oh well, I just slog on through.
I've been wondering at what point will I ever stop worrying that the kids will have a recurrence, of course that's presuming they have a cure this time around. And of course I have no idea at what point we figure that out! Gee, if only it was somewhat easier than this.
Bill just left for work, noticed he had a pee jug with him. There is also one frozen to be sent in. I've been checking email about every hour for the last few days. It's probably about time to get the initial email from Dr. F pertaining to Bill's office visit and his imaging and labs done while we were in LA. It's already been longer than it took to get the reports on the kids last year. I know from experience, it comes when you're least expecting it.
I'll try not to think about it.

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