Thursday, July 24, 2008

The kids have orders at the lab for 8 a.m. draws. We need to see what their cortisol levels are at this point. I'd also like to get some orders for midnight draws, I think that could tell us more. Jess seems to be able to wean pretty well. I think she must be producing cortisol on her own. After she takes her morning dose, some days it seems as if she must go into a high as she has told me that she'll get canker sores in the morning and they'll be gone by afternoon. Canker sores were an indication of a high for her when she was testing. Sometimes in the morning I can also smell her "weird" smell, that she used to have before surgery. I always presumed it was high cortisol.
Justin was going to do a midnight last night (until we found there were no orders for that) and an 8 a.m. this morning. So he was going to not take any hydro all day yesterday. I did tell him if he felt he needed some to go ahead and take it, he could test some other day. He ended up having to take a dose last evening. I guess that is maybe a good sign that he has a cure? It's so hard to tell. I do know he seems to feel about the same as he did before surgery and I think he was in a low then.
I guess time will tell for both of them.
Bill hasn't done alot of testing yet. Dr. F would like him to get a venus adrenal sampling done. It would test his aldosterone and his cortisol. There is a tumor on his left adrenal gland. He also wants Bill to have his growth hormone checked with a stim test. Not sure when we will be able to get that done. His pit MRI was read as normal, I have sent it off to Dr. McCutcheon for his take on it. I just want to have all bases covered as I know that alot of tumors don't show up on glands. Justin's never showed. Even though he has an adrenal tumor it doesn't mean that he couldn't also have a pit one also.
I sent the MRI off last Thursday - priority mail, delivery confirmation. Check the post office web site yeterday and saw that it got to Houston on Sat. by yesterday it still had not been delivered as it said they were waiting for someone to come pick it up after they left a "notice". That made me just furious, for several days I was under the assumption that the CD was at least sitting on Dr. McC's desk waiting for him to have time to read it. Delivery confirmation does not need a signature. Think I will call the Houston PO today and see if they can tell me anything,
Bill started with his fourth bp med the other day. Wonder if four together will keep it under control, somewhat anyway. He also started the testosterone gell and vit D. We'll see if that makes any difference. I'm afraid that sometimes these problems won't resolve until the underlying problem is gone.

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