Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jess is at Elsie's this week. I'ts Hoxie's fair and Elsie has her grandkids. Jess has been there to help the last two years and wanted to stay again this year. Myrna is always there. So they have a full house.
I understand Jess took the kids to the carnival tonight. Jackie also had her girls there, Shannon & Melissa & her kids were also there. Bet they had fun.
Saturday I'll go over to Hoxie and pick Jess up. Will probably eat lunch with Dad too. Elsie will have taken him to town with her for the auction.
I do enjoy the time I have alone but I also miss her company! Can't have it both ways I guess.
I didn't see Justin today. He must be feeling okay or I'm sure I would of heard.
Tuesday Jess & I did something crazy. My hair was driving me crazy, getting too long. We cut it!! Ourselves!!! I kind of messed up the right side a little but if I put that side behind my ear with a clippie you don't really notice that that side is somewhat shorter. Besides, I've noticed the longer our family continues on this Cushing's journey, the less I really care about how I look. I was never that big on it to begin with, but now.....
I guess just one more thing written off. I know that it seems like I should be able to just "snap out of it". I only wish it was that easy. It was hard with both kids going through it and now wondering how it will all play out after their surgeries. But in some ways it's much harder with Bill. It scares me to watch him go downhill. He has always been so strong. Now, somedays I'm afraid he will get bad enough that he'll have to quit working.
That scares me for two reasons. First, I hate to see him get that bad. Second, if he can't work, we have no insurance. I have no idea how we would survive without that. We all need it soooo bad. I also don't know how we would survive on just my salary. I'm sure at some point Bill could get disability, but without insurance it would be near impossible to get him a diagnosis, withut a diagnosis, I'm not sure he would qualify for disability. Some days I'm sure it will be fine, others, I'm not so sure. I guess all we can do at this point is pray, ALOT.

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