Saturday, July 12, 2008

Today Jess & I went out to the farm and picked up Dad to take him to lunch. Bob's little girls went with us. They always make the meal much more entertaining! Dad is so hard of hearing, it's somewhat hard to have a conversation with him in public. Some things you just don't want to shout for everyone to hear.
When we got back to town we helped IQ Academy with an open house here in Colby. I'm still debating whether Justin should enroll at IQ or stay with the Learning Center in Colby. If I was more confident that he has a cure and was on his way to getting his short term memory and concentration back, it'd make it easier to decide.
I'm a bit confused on both kids and where they stand cure wise. I can argue and win the pros and the cons for both of them! Jess again has her "odd" smell. Not as often as before surgery but it's there. One possibility is that her adrenals are producing cortisol on their own and her replacements put her in a high. On the other hand, she may not have a cure. It's all pretty much wait & see. She weans another 2.5 mg on her hydro on Monday. We'll see how that goes.
Justin seems as if he is "low". Pretty much how he has felt since surgery, just like he felt before surgery. He says he doesn't feel much different after taking his hydro.
It's now been right at eight weeks post op for both of them. I guess time will tell.

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