Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tuesday I'm taking J&J over to Oakley to see Dr. Matt and hopefully get an adjustment. He says he'll have to see where they are to know whether he can give an adjustment or if we'll have to go to Ft. Collins and start treatment from the begining.

I originally started taking Justin to Precision Spinal a couple of years ago when I was looking for relief for him. The amazing thing was that immediately upon getting an adjustment, he felt good. In fact Jess heard him say "I feel happy." Unfortunately that good feeling only lasted for a few days. He got treatments once or twice a month. Dr. Matt comes to Oakley and to Hayes Center, NE and we would go there for follow up adjustments. Jess started getting treatments to help with her gall bladder pain and back pain. After a few months the treatments quit giving Justin any relief. I had made the decision to quit taking the kids for treatments while they were testing for Cushng's. I had a feeling that it could lower their cortisol. It has taken a few months after surgery to decide to take them back. I was afraid if they didn't have a cure the treatments would just mask the problem for awhile. If they have a acure I really think it could help them post op. Some people probably think they are quacks. I was also getting treatments because I was to a point where my meds for Crohn's weren't as affective as I would of liked, and I really didn't want to switch meds. Amazing, is all I can say.
For anyone who has been to a chiropractor, I promise this will be a different experience. The best I can describe is that they lay you on your side and press close to your ear. That's it, Well, from the patient's point of view. It's much more precise from the doctor's point of view.

Corrections are made only from the top bone of the spine, the atlas, which
re-aligns the whole spine.

I'm anxious for this appointment.

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