Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bill was doing fairly well today. I don’t think he took any pain meds. They did give him potassium again today. His has been staying at about 3.8 which is on the low end. Today they were pumping it into him faster than usual, I don’t know why, and he started having a lot of pain right where the IV was inserted. He said it felt like the needle was burning hot. I could tell it REALLY hurt as he was hollering. They unhooked that IV and adjusted the dose and said that it could cause that pain when administered that fast. So you wonder why they do it that fast, it wasn’t like he was critical, technically he wasn’t even low.

Today he had 50 mg of hydro. Yesterday it was 100 mg.

His headache seems to be gone. He slept off & on most of the day.

I was thinking about the conversation Dr. McC & I had yesterday after Bill’s surgery. I think I’m going to send him an email and tell him that Bill seems almost calm about being stuck in the hospital. I hope this lasts.

I came back to the hotel about 6 p.m. That is the time they shoo all the family out of ICU for two hours. They say it’s to change shifts but I’m not sure why they need us out of the way. By the time I got back to our room I was feeling really sick so I never went back at 8:00. I’ve felt something coming on for several days & it finally hit tonight. I’ve slept for awhile and feel better but have to take it easy with food for awhile.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like Bill is doing better and better. I'm sorry you are having to deal with Crohn's right now. All your stress would have put me right under! What a strong gal you are.

judycolby said...

Aw, you're so nice, Melly. Supportive too. I just plug along like everybody else!
He does seem to be better. He's only doing oral bp meds and it's staying around 150/??, goes up and down some.