Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The gal from internal meds was just in the room. She thinks that probably one of the meds they are/were giving him is what has caused his terrible headaches. She said it is a side affect. I’m guessing I’d rather have high bp than take a med that would give me a headache like that.

She was talking about his blood pressure readings for the last few days. She mentioned what it was last night. I then said (in a regular tone of voice) “did you know that the reason he wasn’t discharged this morning was because it was too low and Dr. McC wasn’t comfortable with that.” I only said it because I didn’t know how fast info from one doctor was available to another doctor. My gosh…….did she let me have it –“nobody called me, etc. etc.” I quit listening and went back to reading on my laptop. I have no idea what set her off but I sure am glad she’s not a nurse, then we’d have to deal with her on a regular basis. Wow! I usually don’t get that kind of response from people.

Been an interesting day so far. Bill is getting very antsy. I don’t blame him.

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