Saturday, August 1, 2009

I’ve been a little lax about blogging.

Last Saturday several family members and a few friends got together to make mints for Shanda’s wedding. I don’t have any photos to share though. The mints are really easy to make. Combine 1 8 oz package of cream cheese and a 2 lb. sack of powdered sugar, food coloring as needed. The molds need to be dipped in granulated sugar before forming the mint. These freeze so they can be made well ahead of time. Elsie was the first of my siblings to get married. I was fairly young and don’t remember why she decided to have homemade mints but I do vaguely remember making them. We’ve been doing it for family weddings ever since. Although I’m not sure that we made them for my brothers’ weddings. My SIL can’t remember either. It’s always a fun time and eating a few along the way is also good! Love those mints.

Oh, you can also add flavoring but they are very good without. Sue (mother of the bride) added vanilla to this batch. She then didn’t add any coloring, the vanilla made them sort of cream colored. If we would of thought of it sooner we could of colored some of the granulated sugar and used it to coat the molds. Her colors are brown & turquoise. Cream colored mints with turquoise sugar would of looked neat. We’ll have to remember that for another time.

Today at 2:00, like most days, I thought it’s time for the kids to be taking their hydro. I do refrain from calling them to find out if they took their meds. I wonder if for the rest of my life at 2:00 p.m. I will always think of the kids! Probably most days it will at least be a fleeting thought.

We got the results of Jess’ MRCP and everything is normal, no stones found in any of the ducts. I really thought everything would be okay. I think her five weeks of puking after her BLA was just something that happened as a result.

Two weeks from today Bill will be recovering from pituitary surgery. We can pray that he will be one of the few that goes into remission with a first surgery. It looks like I’ll get to meet another Cushie mom while at MDA. Last year when we were there I also got to meet another mother.

This week, my sister, Elsie, took Dad to Florida to see Bob and his family. They just moved a couple weeks ago but this was a good time for her to go and it was probably good for Dad to see where they live. I stole a few of her photos to use here (thanks Elsie).


Elsie & Dad – my brothers do silage cutting for McArthur farms


They went to the beach. Gianna, Genial & Grace headed for the water.


Bob, the white legs tell you this isn’t his normal habitat!


Mud (sand) baths?

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