Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yesterday Bill got moved to the neuro floor. Almost seemed like a hotel after being in ICU. For the most part he has been feeling fine so is going a little stir crazy being in the hospital.

Last night I met a gal from the Cushing’s support board. Her 16 yo son is having surgery tomorrow. It’s always nice to meet people from the boards. In fact I have met four this trip. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that I met Steph & her husband before she was discharged. A very nice gal. She’s home now. I came close to meeting another girl and her mother but it never worked out. I went by her room once and they weren’t there. Then I had a message from her mother but I was sick. They were leaving the next day. I should call and let them know I wasn’t just ignoring them.

Bill called this morning (now that he’s out of ICU he can have his cell phone) as I was getting ready to go to the hospital. He sounded awful & very upset & I was really afraid that he had had a stroke or a heart attack. They had been getting ready to start the discharge paper work and he had a terrible headache. So bad that he was not thinking clearly. The lights were hurting his eyes even after putting on his sunglasses.

He had me call him when I got to the hospital and he came out to meet me. The headache had really scared him and he was upset that it kept him from being released today. When we got back on the floor I talked with his nurse. She told me the doctors had decided that they were dropping his bp too fast. Gee, what have I been saying since last Friday.

He is being released tomorrow. He’s really looking forward to that. Me too. I must say that I have noticed a change in him. While he is getting cabin fever, it doesn’t seem any worse than someone else would get in the same situation. If this would of happened before his surgery, I really don’t know what he would of been like. I do know he would of been very angry. So some positives already.


Anonymous said...

That is fabulous that you are seeing positive changes in Bill already. Sorry about the headache. If only they had listened to you....


judycolby said...

I think only the numbers matter to some doctors! Must be scary to get a headache that bad. I did ask if thought it was a stroke and said no, everything started working fine after awhile.