Sunday, August 16, 2009

Things seem to be going pretty good with Bill. He’s on no pain meds at all but says that the terrible all over pain that he has been experiencing for some time is gone. That’s a relief. A few months ago he did start taking pain pills but had to go off them a couple of weeks before surgery. He usually has a very high tolerance for pain so I know it’s been bad lately if he was taking pain killers. I’m just happy that it’s gone. Hope it stays that way.

He’s on solid food. He’s had all IVs removed and also the catheter. He did say today that he was almost cool. That’s pretty unusual for him. Oh, he also got out his nose packing. His bp is still up & down. I think they will move him onto the floor tomorrow. I had originally thought that he might be discharged tomorrow but now I don’t think so.

I’m not sure if they have done an a.m. cortisol on him yet. If not, maybe they are waiting until he is on the floor. I don’t get much info from the nurses.

I was only with him for a few hours this afternoon. When I got there he was asleep but I could tell that he had been up and sitting in the chair.

I slept a lot today and am feeling some better. Although, I know how this typically goes and it seems to me that I should get a whole lot worse before I get better. I hope this time isn’t typical. My abdomen is still very hard and hurts sometimes, so I don’t think this attack is over yet.

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