Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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How great! We can buy our past at the local grocery store. Does this mean we can buy a new past? If so, I’ll change the last four years, please.

Bob has come back to our neck of the woods to do some cutting (silage). He was staying at the farm Monday night and took Dad out to supper. They came to Colby and Jess & I went out and ate with them. My sister, Sue, her daughter, Tanya & Tanya’s son, Oliver also came to Village Inn to eat with everybody. Tanya & Oliver are staying in Colby for a few days.

Tanya was nice enough to share this photo with me. My brother, Bob, our nephew Oliver and my dad.

village inn

Bill & I arrived in Houston last night. Tomorrow he has pre op labs and we meet with Dr. McC, the neurosurgeon. Tomorrow we will also find out what time he reports for surgery on Friday.

Tonight we are eating supper with two gals from the Cushing’s board. That should be fun. One of them lives in Houston and the other gal is in town for an appointment. I like when I get to meet people that I’ve been talking to online.

I’m not quite as nervous as I was before we left home. For about the last week, I’ve been a mess. Can’t remember anything and seemed to accomplish nothing. I walked around with a deep feeling of doom.

This afternoon we took the hotel shuttle to Target and got a few groceries. Didn’t need too many as most of the time it will only be me eating here. I had to use the restroom there. When the hand dryer says “feel the force” or something like that, you know this will be one of those skin moving dryers. They almost make me laugh.

We’re staying at the Extended Stay we stayed at last year when we came here for J&J’s surgeries. We also stayed at one in Milwaukee when the kids had their BLAs. Last year there was four of us and we got a room with two queen beds. That comes with a couch and recliner. In Milwaukee there was only three of us so we got a king bed (for Jess & I) and it came with just a couch. Justin likes to sleep on couches. This time there is just two of us. We have one queen bed and only got an oversized arm chair. Online it said we would have a couch, but this is waaay to small to even dream of growing up to be a couch. Just an observation.

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Praying for you both! The time for healing is finally here!