Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So, there has been a change of plans this morning. Things were getting started to discharge Bill. But then they looked at the bp and it was in normal range. I guess that’s what the internal meds department was shooting for but Dr. McC never intended them to get it that low. He’d told me somewhere around 150 or so would be good since has has been so high for so long. Dr. McC isn’t comfortable discharging him with his bp that low. I understand that. I also find it amusing as all he has heard for a long time is that it is too high.

Anyway, he won’t be getting out of the hospital today. Poor guy. He is taking it better than I would of expected. I hope they know that we will make our flight tomorrow afternoon.

It’s just sort of frustrating. I’m by no means a doctor but even I know that dropping a person’s bp from 230/130 to 117/?? in less than a week, is a little tough on the body.

And of course one more day in the hospital probably means one more visit by the endos. Of course this time they can’t say a thing about his bp, which seems to be all they are concerned about and that isn’t even their department.

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