Sunday, June 28, 2009

 I recently scanned some old photos that I got from my mom years ago. There may be a few more I need to find before I can put them on a cd for my siblings. Granddad (maternal) is holding me and Myrna, Sam, Sue & Elsie are gathered around him.



I really like old photos. My mom didn’t take a lot of photos. At some point my oldest sister got a camera and took a lot of photos. Unfortunately those photos somehow got lost over the years. I also took a lot of photos starting when I was about 10 or so. I’d bought myself an instamatic. But since I’m one of the younger children, there are a lot of years lost between Myrna taking pictures and me taking pictures.

In this photo, Sam, myself & Sue are with Elsie, celebrating her birthday. I’m guessing that Myrna took the photo.


At the moment I’m just kind of testing out a new way of posting. It gives me a lot more fonts to play with. I’ve always used the same one but am getting tired of it, it’s boring, although very easy to read. So I think I’m going to start messing around with fonts. And see how this actually posts. It may not look anything like what I think it will.

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Janet, said...

I love old pictures, too. Wish I had more. Those are cute of you and your family.