Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Two countries salute chocolate on their national coat of arms. Fiji features a cocoa pod and Ghana features a cocoa tree.
June 2

Bill has been gone since Saturday. The rig moved to a location that is over two hours away. It's easier for him to stay in Hays. I was sure that I'd get some house cleaned while he was gone but not so far. I sit around and stew about why Jess has been vomiting for almost a month now. I keep searching for answers but so far have none. The doctors don't seem to either.
I posted her labs on the board and am getting some ideas. Mainly it's reinforcing my ideas about either her gall bladder or liver. I just feel so bad for her. In fact, in some way I feel responsible. I suppose because this started after her BLA and I was the one that okayed that. Every morning I wake up hoping that she will of made it through the night without throwing up. Every morning I find out she hasn't made it through the night.
We will get to the bottom of this.

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Janet, said...

I hope you find the answers soon and she gets better. Don't feel responsible, I'm sure it's not your fault.