Sunday, June 28, 2009

Still messing around with all this. I found Windows Live Writer. Another blogger posted about it. If you’re interested in using it go check it out on her blog, she’s got a great quilting blog.

I have found the best thing about it is that I can move photos around inside my post. I have never been able to do that with Blogger. I think I’m supposed to be able to but it has never worked right. So if I was putting photos in my post I had to plan and put the photos in in reverse order that I wanted them to show. If I did it wrong or changed my mind I just had to start all over. Using Live Writer, I can just move the photo.


I’ve never known whether it was Blogger or my computer that was causing the problem. But it no longer matters because I can use this program and it posts straight to my blog.


There are some other cool features that Windows has that I’d never checked out until today. I’ll have to look into them a little closer because I think there are a few that would come in very handy.


The one weird thing is that when Jess opens my blog, it doesn’t have the different fonts. Makes me wonder if anyone besides me sees the other fonts I’ve been using that aren’t on blogger.


 So, now all there is left of this post is to look at the photos!


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yui said...

Hi! I'm behind you.
Good luck!