Sunday, June 28, 2009

Since I’m playing with my blog today I’ll show more old photos. I could find no photos of Sam by himself, not even on his birthday. What I have noticed is that there are a lot of Myrna by herself. That makes sense as she is the oldest. I am number five (of six) and the photo below, with three candles on my cake is the first one where I have the frame to myself.

I do understand that. I only have two kids and take a lot more photos than my mom did. I have so many more of Justin when he is little than I do of Jess. But to make up for it, I think there are more of her as they get older and less of Justin.


Judy, age three


Myrna with what looks like 10 candles on her cake. I don’t think there is a candle hiding.


 We’re sure this is Sue. It looks like there are only two candles on her cake. So this is an example of why we can’t go by the dates on the side of the photos to help us figure out who is in the picture. Sue was born in Nov. of 1955. Look at the date on the side of this photo. I decided that the dates are only good to eliminate anyone that hadn’t been born yet.


Elsie was turning six. I like the way Sue is peeking out the door. This couch set on our front porch for years and got very ratty. Thankfully we lived in the country and not many people saw it!

Looking at these old photos makes me really stop and think about how the house has changed over the years. It’s hard to explain to someone that didn’t grow up there. At first the photo of Elsie looks like it was taken on our front porch but I’m sure Dad has said that he built that end of the house sometime after Sam was  born in 1957 so it wasn’t there when Elsie turned six. Besides, our front porch/living room doesn’t have full length windows like the photo. The only windows like that on the east side of the house are in the dining room. It now has a porch in front of it, so that means the kitchen porch wasn’t always part of the house.

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