Saturday, June 27, 2009

Today turned into a family day. Jess & I were picking Dad up and taking him to Hoxie to eat lunch at a horse show that some of my family was participating in. My sisters' families have always done horse shows. Now the second generation is starting to show and the older generation (my nieces) are starting to judge.
My niece Shanda was the judge for this show. There is never a problem with her judging her cousins. I think she may actually expect more from them.

She is timing barrel racing.
My (great) niece, Isabella was in her first show today. She told me that she trotted, she was very proud of herself for that. She also got a blue ribbon. "And I got candy too. Ribbons are fun, so is candy." She's so cute.
If you were to ask her what her participation number was, she would tell you "eleven, two." How funny.
Her brother, Jordan is older and was in more events. He rode and rode and rode when he wasn't showing. I heard him ask his mom before an event "Can I go as fast as Goldie can run?" Mom's answer was "no."
Riding all day makes a cowboy thirsty.
Jordan and Goldie having a talk.
My nephew, Jay also was there. He's been showing horses since he was very young. He's an uncle to Jordan & Isabella.
Two of my sisters were there. Elsie was calling the show. Sue probably came because she likes horse shows and misses them now that her girls are grown. She is also Shanda's (the judge) mom. One of my SILs showed up about the end of the show. She then took Dad out to supper and then took him home.
And of course my niece, Amanda was there. She is the mother of Jordan & Isabella.
Elsie's husband, Ronnie helped set up the arena for certain events. He really shouldn't have been because last night he was flipped off his four wheeler in the pasture and looked to be pretty sore today.
Somehow I managed to fall asleep for awhile in my chair. I missed several events that Jay & Jordan were in. But Jess used my camera and took a lot of photos. In fact I need to give her credit for the picture of Shanda that I used.
All in all it was a good day. Kind of long and warm though. Not hot, just warm.

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