Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today I got a date for Bill's pituitary surgery. We will be back at MDAnderson with Dr. McCutcheon. Surgery will be Friday, August 14, with consults the day before.
Not sure whether I'm nervous, scared, relieved, worried..... Just don't know what I feel.
What I do know it that this is the surgery that is probably going to change our lives the most. In what way, I don't know yet, although many scenarios run through my mind. Some good some bad. Some really bad.LOL
Jess seems to be doing okay on her lower dose of hydro. Two days now, we'll see how it goes. She must of been retaining water on the higher dose because today she looked smaller than the other day.
She has been helping move a hardware store. My boss & her husband also own a hardware store. It's moving to the south end of town. They are trading a building that they own for the building they are moving into. They've been at it pretty steady for over a week now & Jess is holding up. The twins and various others are also helping. I think they now officially have everything moved.
In a few weeks we'll start to move Colby Photo. We will be right next door to the hardware store with a doorway between the two. I'm looking forward to being moved but not to moving. We've been in the same location for sixteen years and have accumulated a lot of stuff. It will seem strange to be out on Range instead of on Main St.

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Janet, said...

I hate moving, too. We recently put new carpet in our bedrooms and I'm glad we did them one at a time. We've accumulated for 29 years and you wouldn't believe the clutter in each room and how long it took to clear them out to put the carpet in.