Saturday, June 13, 2009

A little bit of normalcy today, a bridal shower for my niece, Shanda. She's such a nice gal. Pretty too, don't you think?
Sister, Tanya, mom, Sue, Shanda, and mother-in-law to be, Jane - good looking group
Jess (doesn't she look good?) and one of her favorite little cousins. She used to go and play with Liz and her brother about once a week after school. She didn't see them much while Cushing's was taking over her life. I'd say Liz missed her.
Shanda & Tanya with their niece, Emma. We were playing a game to see how much we knew about the bride and groom and how much they knew about each other. For every question Shan got wrong she had to put another piece of gum in her mouth. Looks like it's getting pretty full in there! She cheated some and had Emma chew it.
Good drinks and good food, which seems to be mostly gone.
After the shower, we took my dad out to eat supper. I tell you, Dad has lost his "edit" button. As we were about ready to leave to eat, my niece, Tanya and her baby (4 mo) showed up. As Dad was looking Oliver over, he said to Tanya "Well are you going to raise him or drown him?" It cracked us up. Tanya thought it was funny. But I swear, Dad now says things that he probably never even used to think. I've gotten used to it, even when he says things in public.
Jess is doing fairly well. For the most part she just throws up once every morning. She did get in an extra one tonight though, maybe too much ice cream? May not take much to be too much at the moment. Her stomach must of contracted a lot with as little as she has eaten in the last six weeks.
Tonight Jess said that maybe there are hormones off and it's like being pregnant and having morning sickness. Could be something to that. There does seem to be a lot of similarities between Cushing's and pregnancy. But there is a definite end to pregnancy.
I think it might be time for Jess to wean some. She has been taking 45 mg since getting out of the hospital. Her face is breaking out some and she's been just a bit emotional. Signs (I think) that she needs to wean. She said she'll try 35 mg tomorrow.
Tomorrow we should make it back to church. We haven't been since the day before we left for surgeries. Either four or five Sundays now that we've missed.


Gracie said...

Jess is looking good! I'm glad to hear she is not puking so much now. Hopefully you will see a total end to it soon!

It looks like you guys had a fun weekend! That green punch makes my mouth water! It looks so good! Glad to hear you got to do something fun!

Your dad and his comments... LOL! Old people are a hoot! Enjoy him while you can! I miss my mom and dad, and all the embarrassing things they use to say and do!


judycolby said...

It's time to take a "comparison" photo of Justin and Jess.
The punch was great, I love when they put sherbet in punch.
Glad my niece has a sense of humor or Dad could of offended her!
Glad you're doing so good.