Sunday, June 14, 2009

This may be a red letter day. It's almost 11 p.m. and Jess hasn't thrown up once today!! Although yesterday she did throw up twice. Her usual in the morning and then once late in the evening. I'm hoping that wasn't today's and it just came early.
She's eaten a fair amount today and things are still good. Almost hate to get my hopes up.
I really think it's time for her to wean some.
I'm thinking of calling the doctor tomorrow and asking to not have her test scheduled. At this point I think it would be a waste of time.
I need to get Jess and Justin together for a picture. I want them to wear the same shirts they wore when we had our initial appointment with Dr. Chiang. Since we took a photo with him then, it would be easier to compare how they are doing.
I've called MDA to start the process of setting up Bill's surgery. Wonder if they've changed things in the year since I set up the kids. They never asked for labs, although when I asked, she said I could fax them if I wanted. I was just to send the CD with his MRI.
Supposed to rain again tonight. I think this is the wettest spring we've had for a long time. We haven't even had to water our lawn. Although a lot of other people are watering. This is one of my pet peeves. There has been talk for years about our water table getting lower and lower and there are still many people who waste a lot of water with their automatic sprinklers. So annoying, when I'm doing papers in the morning I see sprinklers coming on and it's either raining at the time or it just quit. I think they should take the sprinklers off of automatic and turn the sprinklers on manually.


Gracie said...

Woo Hoo! That's a day to celebrate! I'm glad there was no puking yesterday! Hopefully none today either!

judycolby said...

So far, so good. I'm canceling the tests they were ordering, except blood work.