Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jess has now gone a complete week without throwing up. I hope that means she is out of the woods. She has weaned back down on her hydro and today only took 20 mg in the a.m. and 5 mg in the p.m. It seems like she's done okay on that dose. This is the dose that Dr. F prescribed for both J&J upon discharge after their BLA.
J&J both went with me to take Dad to lunch yesterday. Justin only goes sometimes and Jess hadn't gone with me since the Saturday before we left for Milwaukee. Actually I think I have only been out to take Dad to lunch once (before yesterday) since we returned from surgeries.
Bill kind of gave me a scare last night. He's staying in Plainville because it's close to the rig location. I usually call to make sure he is up in time to get to work. He has such a hard time waking up if he ever gets into a deep sleep. By the time he answered his cell he had 77 missed calls from me! Yes, I was getting worried. I didn't know if something had happened to him or if he just wasn't waking up. I didn't know whether to worry that he was in bad shape medically or just worry that he wouldn't wake up in time to make it to work. If he ever gets rid of Cushing's I hope his sleep/waking up problems go away.
I'm actually getting some stuff done around the house today. It's not real noticeable as there is so much that needs done, but it's a start. When it cools off some tonight I really should go out and mow. UGH.
Earlier today I went out to the Experiment Station and took some photos. It's one of my favorite places to take pictures.
I'm thinking of starting on the quilt block for $5 Quilt. I'm just a tad more industrious than I am most days. I keep wondering if the kids really remember when I kept the house neat (mostly), got meals ready, kept up with laundry and did things for myself. I remember, I just wish I still was like that. Maybe it'll come back to me.
After church today, someone was asking Jess how she was, then she turned and asked how I was. She then said something like this has probably been hard on me too and I should take care of myself. I know she meant well, so I didn't laugh.

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Janet, said...

Your pictures are beautiful, and Jess is right, you should take care of yourself too.