Thursday, July 23, 2009

I finally ordered new glasses today. Should have them in a couple weeks or so. It’ll be nice to get rid of these “readers.” I really need them or I can’t read anything but it’s a pain to have to deal with them. Jess went with me just to make sure I didn’t picky out anything too dorky!

Jess had her MRCP (Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography) today. I really don’t think anything will be found. Dr. M decided to order this test back when Jess was in the middle of her five weeks of puking after she had her BLA. I think the vomiting was just something that happened and really has no explanation. Guess we’ll see.

She also had blood work for Dr. M. He wanted to check her liver panel again. Actually, this was going to be done several weeks ago. When we went in a few weeks ago to do the blood work, the orders weren’t there. Now, if the supervisor would of been the one helping us, he would of just drawn the blood and worried about getting the orders later. Of course the one time he did this he trusted us to know what tests were being ordered. It seems a particular nurse has trouble actually getting the orders faxed over to the lab. Anyway, the last time we were there, we got tired of waiting for the orders and said we’d be back. Kind of forgot about it for awhile then. Hope the liver panel comes back okay.

Justin told me the other day that he forgot his afternoon dose of hydro one day. I asked him when he remembered. He said when his eyes went really weird at work he remembered that he needed hydro and took it right away. I thought it seemed like a weird symptom but he said his eyes cleared up after taking the meds.

Bob’s family got moved to Florida last week. I’m sad. My sister is taking Dad to see them next week. When they first talked about moving, Dad said he really wanted to go down and see where they were living. I think Elsie is going so soon because school will be starting in a few weeks (yikes!) and it will be harder for anyone to get away and take Dad to Florida.

A few more photos of the farewell meal for Bob’s family.     









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Anonymous said...

So when is the date, Jude? Off to Houston again. I think all us cushies need to get together and buy a time-share condo. It WOULD get used!

I hope Jess' bloodwork comes out ok. Hang in there woman.