Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sometimes I am so stupid!! Today I was at Palace Drug picking up a prescription for Justin and standing next to me was a lady buying a bottle of B12. Light bulb moment. I haven't taken my B12 since before we went to Milwaukee for surgeries. How dumb is that. It's prescribed for once a week. No wonder I haven't been feeling so great and feeling sooooo depressed. Granted, there is a lot going on right now that could be reason to be depressed but it usually doesn't get me down quite this bad.
So I came home and took a dose and I actually tackled all that mail that has piled up on the table for two months. Scary stuff. Bills that should of been paid a month or two ago. I hate paying bills late. Which is why most of ours are now set for auto debit. The last few years, I just can't seem to remember to get things paid on time. But these were all medical bills, not set to auto debit. I remember that I did used to be organized. I keep hoping that person comes back to live in my body - soon.
Justin has an ear infection and a terrible cold. Unfortunately it zapped him good before he was really aware of it. By the time I was called this morning he looked really bad. Mostly I think he was low on hydro. He had a doctors appointment today and got some meds. Extra hydro and a lot of sleep today and I think he was starting to feel some better. I brought him to work and made him sleep on the couch.
Some day we will all get used to this no adrenal gland thing and not get quite so worried with every little thing. But he looked so bad when I got to his house and he had been vomiting. I had reason to worry. A few days ago he had weaned down on his hydro. I told him until this cleared up he better go back up on the hydro. No need to take chances. I think it was just poor timing that he was getting an ear infection at the same time he was weaning. He had felt really good up until last night.
It seemed like I spent half the day running around for/with him.
There is a learning curve to all this and obviously we have a lot more to learn.


Hi, I'm Rene said...

I hope Justin is feeling better today.
It seems like they should both get the hang of it soon and be able to identify when they need more hydro before its too late- I HOPE!

Gracie said...

I'm glad you checked on him, Judy! Was he coherent enough to think to give himself a shot, or take extra meds? Scary stuff! Mom to the rescue... again! LOL! I'm glad he's doing better! Hugs!