Thursday, July 9, 2009

Last night we had a farewell meal with my brother, Bob and his family. It seems they really are moving to Florida. It’s been talked about for so long that it has always seemed to be in the distant future. But the future must be here because as of last night the plan was for them to pull out next Tuesday. I figure that really means they will be gone by Wednesday or Thursday.


Bob, Jackie

Genial, Grace & Gianna


Jay & Grace


Jay & Gianna


Jay & Genial


The fire pit mostly smoked and hot dogs were eventually put on the grill. Jess is in the black tee, looking good, huh?


Jay, Gianna & Genial roasting marshmallows.


Shooting off roman candles. No this is not safe! But no one got hurt.


Part of the family enjoying the meal.

Good bye, Bob & family.

Colby now has three confirmed cases of the H1N1 virus. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but considering how small of a town we are, it really is. And there are many more that are quarantined at home. Time to be very careful.


Gracie said...

Jess looks good! It looks like she's already lost a lot of weight!

Herding animals... ugh! We had cows when I was growing up! I'm glad Jess was ok after rounding up the goats!

I hope the kids don't get that flu!


judycolby said...

She does look good. I think she looks like she's lost more weight than she actually has.
Yeah, I chased a lot of cows growing up. Never did learn to like it.
Haven't heard much more about the flu.
Sounds like you're doing good too, Gracie.