Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Since we have a surgery date I need to start checking into flights and hotels. I always hate doing that. I'm always sure that as soon as I book one, I'll then find one that is a lot cheaper. I'm going to book our flight using the points on the store's credit card. My boss told me to use them. That was very kind of her. She has always been supportive.
Tonight Jess had a chiro appointment in Oakley. We set up an appointment for Justin next month. He and Jess can go over together. After the appointment we went on to Grinnell and ate at the VFW with some of the family.
Jess thinks her hydro dose might still be a little high. I think she said she'd wait a few days and then drop another 2.5 mg and see how it goes.
I talked with Justin tonight and he's thinking that he may also need to be dropping his hydro dose. At first we thought that his dose was too low, so he added an extra, small dose some evenings. Last night I remembered that he got some of his highest midnight results when he felt the worst. So I got to thinking that it's possible that he's too high now and that is why he isn't feeling the best. Or maybe I'm wrong. Guess we'll see. He said he's talking to his boss soon to get back on the schedule. Hope that goes okay.

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