Friday, July 3, 2009

Jess picked up an application for a job today. They told her not to bring it back until Monday as they will be very busy this weekend. It will seem really odd, her having a job. I’m assuming they will hire her.

Justin is starting back to work next week. Wednesday will be his first day back. I saw him for a few minutes today but forgot to ask him how he was feeling after he cut back on his hydro.

For the last several months my left shoulder has been pretty sore. A lot of days I can’t lift it above my head without a lot of effort. I’ve come up with a lot of different reasons for it being sore. Not too long ago my right shoulder started aching sometimes. Yesterday I got a few weird, sharp aches of some kind on the top of each foot. It has crossed my mind that I could have rheumatoid arthritis. I got to thinking that I’ve only been taking half a dose of my imuran for Crohn’s. I feel okay on that dose and since it has the potential to cause liver damage, I’d really like to take as little as possible. I remembered that when my boss’ sister was on certain drugs for her RA the drugs also helped with some of the GI issues she had. I wondered what would happen if I started taking my evening dose again. So last night I took my dose and woke up this morning with barely any pain in my shoulder. That’s good except I’m afraid it means that I do have RA, at least early stages. It will be interesting to see how this goes. I guess the good thing is that the same meds are quite often used to treat Crohn’s and RA.

My niece had to get a camera for the college horse program. I helped her order it a few weeks ago. She brought it by today for me to play with. She got a Nikon Coolpix P90. I had found this camera online several months ago and was really wishing that I needed a new camera. It has a 24x optical zoom!!! Impressed me.

I took it out and played with it after work.


I was probably 20 ft. away from these flowers.


I have no idea what these are, but they photograph well. They look even better close up.


We ran into a friend while at the Experiment Station taking pictures. It’s a great place to take photos, so many plants and flowers. I liked his tee.


In the photo below, I was standing right out the back door at work. The power pole that is in the center of the photo is three blocks away. Pretty impressive, even if the photo is boring.


I didn’t bring the instruction book home. I should of because I want to see what some of the “extras” do.

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