Sunday, October 26, 2008

And we're still waiting. Bill had his EKG the other day. It was abnormal. Got sent to a cardiologist for a stress test. Cardiologist said bp is too high, can't do your stress test. Come back Monday and we'll do a nuclear stress test.
I have no idea if these results are just used as a guideline while doing IPSS & AVS or if these results can prevent him from having the procedures. I suspect the latter. That's sort of scary. If he can't have these procedures I don't know what the next step is. But I do know one thing, he's not getting any better and won't until he gets a diagnosis of some kind and treatment.
Talking with a friend the other day right after I got the news about needing the nuclear stress test. She wondered how his heart problems came about. I said if he has Cushing's I'm sure that's the cause. Oh, not near as serious if it's not "regular" heart problems. Maddening. She also said my life feels a lot like yours right now. Oh yeah, right!! Tell me, are your husband and kids healthy, any chance you'll someday be loosing your health insurance because your husband is too sick to work? Thought not. Don't tell me your life is like mine.

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