Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hopefully by tomorrow or the next day we can get the results of Bill's test and then fax them to UCLA and Cedars. Praying that there is nothing to prevent him from having the IPSS and AVS. Of course now I'm hoping we can set the date (presuming there is a need for the date) a little later than what we're working on. The date is getting close enough that the plane tickets are now about $100 more per person. I don't really want to shell out another $400 for the trip.
Plus Jess is probably heading to the big city of New York for the Girl Scout/Microsoft program she is working with, on the Friday that we would be in LA or heading home. It could be tricky scheduling to get her from LA to New York and then back to Denver. Thankfully Microsoft picks up the tab, it's their baby. I'm excited for her.
Bill goes back to work tomorrow. The rig moved to the new location. He's getting his things together. Been home since Saturday morning. Sometimes there is no break between locations and that is really hard on him.
Jess is at basketball practice. She's playing with the local home school team. While technically she is not home schooled, they invited us to join the association. She knows a lot of the kids that will be playing. I hope she enjoys it.
Justin was very sick today. Ugh, I hate that.
Well, I'm not quite as upset with my friend as I was when I wrote a few days ago. The one thing that conversation really brought home to me, is how much I love having the Cushing's board. I truly don't know where we'd be without them. And while we all walk our own journey we all have a good idea what the others are going through. And while I have never had Cushing's I do understand what it's like to live with a very debilitating disease and going through life feeling very sick all the time. Thankfully I'm doing okay now or I would be no help to my family


Gracie said...

You are a good mom and wife, Judy! Sickness is no fun any way you look at it, but I'm glad it has brought your family closer together!

I hope you have a very productive trip when you make it to LA. Hang in there! You are a real trooper!



judycolby said...

Thanks Gracie