Friday, October 31, 2008

Found the results of Jess' second UFC in the fax machine today. Guess I missed it yesterday. It was 92 (94?), top of range 34. Two high UFCs & three high midnight serums.
No results yet from Bill's stress test. I thought they said about three days. Oh well, They'll come.
Jess and I found a 3T MRI machine in Denver today. That would probably only be exciting to someone who wants a very small tumor to show up. That would be anyone with Cushing's. I'm guessing we'll be utilizing that facility. I'm sure that Dr. F will want another MRI. Just in case someone needs this info - It's the one on Lowry that I talked to. I actually found out about them from another imaging center.
We'll see what tomorrow night's call with Dr. F brings. And then wait for stress test results next week.

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