Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Finally. Today I got Bill's test results, so things can move forward. When Bill was going out for his physical, I gave him a printout that Dr. F's office sent me about setting up an IPSS and what tests need to be done ahead of time. I sent it just so they'd know what tests needed to be done. This morning they told me that they had faxed the results to UCLA Med Center.There was a fax number hand written on the paper. But this p.m. when I called UCLA and told them I was faxing results to them, I was given a new fax number which happened to be one digit off from the hand written number on the paper. I asked Pennye if that was one of their fax numbers and if they'd received some results yesterday that they didn't know what to do with. The answer to each was, no. I guess someone, somewhere got Bill's test results and wondered what they were for.

I've emailed Lynne also and let her know I sent the results to UCLA but that Cedars said everything has to come from the ordering physician's office. So I faxed the results to Lynne so that she can fax them to Cedars. Seems like an extra step there, but as long as it gets set up.

I did mention to Lynne about the date I have set up for Jess' appointment with Dr. F and asked if it would be hard to get Bill's testing the same week. I'm guessing she can get that done.

So now it is out of my hands. I've done my part for the moment.

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