Thursday, October 30, 2008

Okay things always change.
Several weeks ago I faxed results of J's &J's & Bill's blood work to Dr. F. Today I got an email that said "Let's have a phone consult for all the Kennedy's." So maybe they won't have to see him in person....? Then an email from Lynne later that said he had time this Saturday. I paid my deposit and guess we're on. At the moment I'm not even nervous about it, just weary.
I figure if we can do this by phone it's cheaper than plane tickets and an office visit. I guess it's good to take the phone appointment as we don't even yet know if Bill can have IPSS and AVS. No results from the nuclear stress test yet. I bypassed the local doctors office, who is to receive a copy, and called the Debakey Heart Institute. They called back and said it hadn't been read yet. Would call me when it was done.
So we wait.
Did get the last saliva for Bill today. It was normal.
Got one of Jess' UFCs. It was high. I think it was 87 with 34 being the cut off. First high UFC she's had. The 17 OHCs weren't done yet and one UFC seems to be missing at the moment. Maybe it'll show up by next week when the 17 OHCs will be done.
I'm so proud of myself. I figured out how to make the Cushing's ribbon and address at the top of my page clickable! I know it's probably elementary to many, but big advance for me.

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