Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wednesday morning as the kids were leaving early for a chiropractor's appointment, they discovered that Jess' driver's side window was shattered. I just assumed that it had been accidentally hit. Later in the morning someone from the PD brought in a flier they wanted to leave on the counter. It was talking about car windows being shot out early that morning. I guess the department had had over 25 calls by 8 a.m., about broken car windows. So I decided I'd call the PD since it seemed it wasn't an accident. Yesterday when an officer came in to talk to me about what I might of seen while out doing the paper route Wed. morning, he said there were 37 windows broken out, probably with a pellet gun. I'm thinking if they are caught and prosecuted and have to make restitution they better be finding jobs now. I'm taking the car in tomorrow morning, $230 dollars because someone thought it would be fun to shoot out windows. Of course the car is old enough we only can carry liability.
Justin finally got over his bronchitis and really got to work on the roof of the store. Of course about the time he really got on a roll he had to get back to work McDonald's had been closed for several days for remodeling. It's been chilly and damp since then. Hope it dries up soon so he can finish the job.
He seems to be doing a lot better, which makes me so happy. But it can be hard to watch him get better as Jess seems to be going backwards. She seems to be about where Justin was three years ago. But thankfully she won't have to wait three years for help.
I've sent all her current test results to Dr. F. I haven't been able to start scheduling the IPSS and AVS for Bill because the results of the tests he had done during his physical on Monday aren't ready yet. Actually, I think they are ready because when J&J did them last year it only took a few days to get the results. But Bill had to see Dr. S instead of Andy and I'm not sure if he realizes we need to hurry at least I'd like to hurry. When I called Fri. to see if I could go pick up the results, I was told they aren't ready for the patient to see until the Dr. signs off on them. Since this office has their own lab I guess they can do what they want. Andy knows we prefer the hospital lab for most things, but .......... I'll try again tomorrow.

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