Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jess is at the local high school taking PSATs. It felt really weird to take her out there as school was starting this morning. Makes me think of all those meetings I attended early in the morning for Justin.
Bill called and said they finished this location and he will be home today. Hopefully it rained enough that they can't move tomorrow. He really needs more than 24 hours off to rest up. Locations have been back to back for several moves now and he must be exhausted.
I was just watching a guy on the Today Show walk a tightrope 14 stories in the air. He then rode a bike across it. I really couldn't watch that the bike ride. He's saying he's going to walk across the Grand Canyon next spring! What balance he has.
Tomorrow I go for my regular six month checkup with my GI. These are usually easy appointments as I'm regulated pretty good unless I forget to take my evening dose for a period of time.
I like this doctor, he has helped me so much. I need to remember to ask his opinion of OTC B12 as compared to prescription. I wonder if you can get prescription in patch form. I'd like that better. Also am wondering if the B12 deficiency has anything to do with my stiff and aching joints or am I developing arthritis. I've been told be doctors that I'd be a perfect candidate for RA since I have Crohn's.

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