Monday, October 20, 2008

It's finally down to the nitty gritty of setting up Bill's IPSS and AVS. At the moment the IPSS is set for Monday, Nov. 10th. I say at the moment because this will only work if Cedars will set up the AVS close to that date. And while the gal told me it would probably work, I don't know for sure because they WILL NOT (yes, she was that adamant) set up with the patient (or his wife). It must be set up through the doctors office. So another email to Lynne. She answered rather quickly and said but I sent them all the forms and reqs, what more do they want? I guess they want to talk to you in person just so you can turn around and tell me! Oh, & when you talk to them these are the dates that will work. Lynne must think I'm a pain.
So IPSS on Monday, Dr. F on Wednesday for Jess (& Justin?) and hopefully AVS on Thursday.
I only figured out today that Bill needs to have an EKG done before these procedures. That's different than it was in December when the kids had theirs. So tomorrow I need to go to early morning walk in and see if Andy can get one set up in Hays because that's where Bill is staying at the moment. Then hopefully fast results so that I can get them faxed.
I just pray this all gets sorted and set up in a timely manner. Then I can buy airline tickets and book a room.

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Gracie said...

Ever think of moving to CA Judy? LOL! I hope it all works out fine. I read your other post about Justin. I hope it's not still there for him too, but it would be better to have him check it out now, since you are already going, than to wait and have to do it all again! Have a safe trip!