Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The house smelled good when I got home from work tonight. Jess had baked brownies. Yum.
At the moment she's on a conference call with the other Girl Scouts with the Microsoft project. I'm not sure what the call is about. She needs to be at AWANA in a little bit. The high school and middle school kids are helping put on the Fall Festival for the little kids.
I haven't seen Justin today so I don't know if he's feeling better. I sure hope so.
Bill called after they got the rig set up. This is the day he works a morning and then also his regular night shift. It's not as tough on him as the next day seems to be.
When he called he just went on and on about a lot of things, the car needing fixed, the motel he's staying at, the guys at work, etc. Finally he said "I think my testosterone is high." I said "I think you mean your cortisol." He said "Well whatever, but I got to work this morning and _____________," I can't remember all he said. But anyway, my point is that now that he understands what's going on with his body, I think he tries harder to control it. Because while he was going on and on, he didn't really sound mad just VERY annoyed. I guess that's good.
No stress test results yet today. Maybe tomorrow.
I did get results of three of his salivas. All high. They were something like .125, .250 and .1??. I just know they were all more than .0900. So that's good.
Tomorrow they should have his last saliva and Jess' two UFCs. Since her midnights are much higher right now, it'll be interesting to see if she gets a high UFC. I'm glad Susan had posted that they now ask for Dr. F's account number. Would of really thrown me otherwise.

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Gracie said...


Praying Bill passes the test just fine and it sets you on your way to a cure!

Hey, if he wants to think his testosterone is high, let him keep wishing! We all know high cortisol lowers the testosterone in men.

I'm hoping your entire family can be back to good health soon!