Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jess & I went to Hays today for my appointment with Dr. J, my great GI. The guy on the "identity theft" poster in the Post Office looks like his evil twin! I find that amusing.
The van has been giving me trouble off and on for a couple of months. The shop couldn't figure out what was wrong because they couldn't get it to replicate the problem and they drove it out on the road for about forty miles or so. They said the only error code they got (because my "service engine soon" light keeps coming on) says "lean". Said it was there many times. Means there wasn't enough fuel. I was already pretty sure of that because when you're driving down the road, the engine sounds good and you start losing power, I just presumed it had something to so with the fuel. It seldom does it at low speeds. I thought I was onto something as it seemed like it only did it when the tank was full, have no idea what that would mean. But that theory was blown today as I started out with just half a tank. A little ways out of town the problem started again but with a twist. I didn't lose near as much power. Used to be that I could have the foot feed tromped to the floor and still slow down to about 20 mph. Tell you what when your gas pedal is on the floor and the "problem" corrects itself - watch out! Kind of plasters you against your seat.
Well, today it would only drop down a couple of miles and then you could feel it surge up again. Very annoying and worrisome. Really messes up the gas mileage too. So I figure we either forge onward or I miss my appointment. Stopped about halfway there and when I started out again, no problem. How annoying. On the way home it started up again so I had Jess pull over and we shut it off for awhile and then everything was fine. Better go talk to the shop tomorrow.
My big concern - how much will this cost. I'm sure it won't be cheap. Not a good time when we need to be getting to LA.
The day hadn't started the best as I had an email from Dr. F's office, a rather cryptic one that bothered me somewhat. I know I'm probably a pain. I don't email that much, but with three people as patients, well.... I'm trying to get Bill's IPSS and AVS set up along with an appointment for Jess with Dr. F, which I have scheduled. I just don't know if Bill's can be set for the same week. They really need to be close together as we can only make one trip. Not easy. Especially since the gal at Cedars doesn't want to talk to me she wants to communicate with the doctor's office. This mornings email indicated that it was up to me to get this taken care of. While I understand it should be, I'm wondering how to do that when no one wants to talk to me.
Then at work I needed to get everything possible done before I left around noon for my appointment.
All in all a stressful day. We got to the medical center, got upstairs, checked in, went to the restroom, and was immediately called in for my appointment. They're usually pretty prompt. So then I get to see how much weight I've gained. Not as much as I'd thought. My first phase of stress eating is, I don't eat without getting sick. A couple of years ago I started loosing weight and lost quite a bit. Enough that some people were asking my boss or sisters if I was okay. Well that phase ends eventually and I start eating, preferably sweets. That takes its toll. And I quit walking about a year and a half ago. So....I really need to start eating better and getting some exercise.
This all leads up to my blood pressure. I don't think I've ever seen it higher than 121/7? in a doctors office. Stays very consistent. I always ask what my bp is if they don't tell me. She said 150 over ??, I have no idea what the bottom number was. I was still processing me having a number of 150!!! That would belong to Bill (if he could get it that low anymore!). I always thought the only thing that raised my blood pressure was listening to rap music! I really dislike the beat in rap music, drives me crazy. Reminds me of Justin practicing the piano years ago. I think his recital piece one year was "Indian Trails". He drove me crazy with that song. And of course he liked it.
The good news is that when I took my bp when I got home it was 108/82 and I've checked this meter against the doctors office and it's very close. I also had another email about setting up the appointments. I really hesitated to open it. Dealt with all the rest of my email first. Well, this one was very helpful and indicated that it could all get worked out. She told me how to probably get it all set up in the same week. Then once Cedars and UCLA are set up, if it's not the same week as Jess' appointment with Dr. F, she'll help get her in for the week we're in LA. Thank goodness. The tone of the email this morning didn't really sound like the ones I've gotten before, maybe it was due to the late hour. Glad she sent a followup as I felt like I was hanging in the wind earlier, wondering how I'd manage this all in one trip is no one was willing to help me.
Dr. J is having me try a nasal vitamin B12. I asked if there was anything other than shots. He said he didn't know of any prescription patch. I asked what he thought of OTC B12. He said - not good. The nurse gave a shot today. Need to remember to get to Palace in the next few days and get the prescription. Hope it works and I need to remember to use it faithfully.
Oh, go back in four months instead of six. He didn't tell me this, his nurse did when she brought me my new appointment card. Wonder what's up. I'm thinking that he's wanting to keep a better eye on me with all that's going on in my life.


Robin said...

Judy, I don't know how you do it. I'm betting your doc thinks the same thing. Sending hugs and spoons for all of you. xoxo

judycolby said...

Thanks Robin, I couldn't do it without all you guys on the board. I'd be a basket case by now without that.