Sunday, October 5, 2008

Well, now that I got the previous post out of the way.............. For some reason I felt like I could write nothing else until I put that down.
Bill has hardly been home for the past month or so. The rig is down in the Hays area and the drive is a long one. So it's easier to get a cheap motel and not have such a long drive. At them moment he only knows of three more locations down there. Hopefully it'll move closer to home then. Although we don't really see much of each other when he is home. He sleeps (or tries to) a lot and he and I work different shifts. He's home today and will go back to work tomorrow night. Tomorrow he sees Andy for his physical, chest x ray, etc.
Justin went with Jess & I yesterday to take my dad to lunch. He needed to hook up Dad's DTV, or whatever that box is called that antenna TVs need soon. Dad doesn't watch much TV but would like to still have it when he wants. The good news is that with this digital conversion he now gets all three major networks, Fox News (?) and PBS. He might find PBS entertaining.
Jess is at a Girl Scout meeting and Bill is sleeping. Hope he wakes up for supper since I'm actually fixing something decent because he is home. Have a pork roast with spuds and carrots in the crock pot. Justin might even come over to eat with us.
A couple of weeks ago we took Dad to supper instead of lunch. It was pretty fun as my brother and his wife and girls went with us. His girls, or at least some of them usually go with us for lunch. My brother had been gone for a few weeks and had only been home a few hours when we got there. When Dad heard that the girls didn't want to come eat with us because their dad had just gotten home he said "Well they better all come with us then." So I relayed the message to Bob and we all went. His crew was working on equipment then headed for town. I like when the crew is home and there is activity around the farm.

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